School Groups & Education

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Field Trips
Field trips are $15 per student. Financial accommodations are made for Title 1 schools and other qualifying groups.  We prefer to host a school’s entire grade level as opposed to individual classrooms so the kids can be exposed to several crafts and cabins. Please email or call 828.320.9461 for availability.

Hands-On Classes
Hart Square offers specialized classes for students to learn old time crafts and trades when they visit Hart Square Village. We try to customize these class stations to each teacher’s specifications, tying in history learned in the classroom with a hands-on activity. Recent courses (pictured above) include “Corn Husk Angels and the History of Corn in the South” and “Canjo Making and the History of Appalachian Instruments.” Email us for a full list of courses offered and availability:  or call 828.320.9461 for more information.

Corporate Leadership Workshops
For adults, Hart Square can craft leadership training and team building workshops for your specific goals. We offer company tours and picnics as well as board and executive team retreats.