Sigmon Family Education center

Why an education center?

Due to the historic nature of the cabins, our site does not have modern bathrooms, parking, classrooms and handicap accessibility.  Our programming cannot occur during the winter months and can be drastically affected by weather. This lack of modern infrastructure limits the number of visitors our site can sustainably serve daily, thereby impeding our mission to share the collection with others in a safe manner.

How much is it going to cost?



Education Center construction bid Neill Construction $3,699,320
Architectural fees CBSA Architects – Steve Walker $127,723
Contengiency costs Neill Grading and Construction Co., Inc $23,000
HS Foundation supplied equipment


Third party testing and inspections Catawba Valley Engineering and Testing $19,188





How can I help?

It is only with the help of our community that we can continue to grow our programs, ensure all families have access to inspirational experiences, and preserve history for years to come. 


 If you are interested in gifts of stock, planned giving, corporate matching programs, etc. please fill out our donor pledge form here.





What type of programming will occur in the education center?

Our community has created the demand we are committed to fulfill. The events we hold throughout the year routinely sell out with potential visitors filling wait lists. Our current fall field trip programming for 3rd to 5th grade has a wait list of nearly 1,000 students due to our site constraints.

This new space will serve the community at large, which we have identified to be state and nationwide. We invite all people to respectfully experience Hart Square’s property and collection. Our focus is to create a variety of programming; always being mindful of those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to visit Hart Square Village.

Our programming centers around the crafts and trades of Early America. Like our cabins and the heritage they preserve, traditional arts are in danger of extinction without support.  To lose a craft is to lose skills, technique, tools and methods. 

Passing knowledge through the generations is what makes us lifelong learners. It is what enables us to propel a generation of pioneers, who are committed to creating good in their community and their world.