Mission Statement

Hart Square Foundation preserves the log structures, trades, and culture housed at Hart Square Village. Through preservation and sharing, the foundation inspires the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and resilience of our pioneer ancestors.

Vision Statement

To instill a pioneering spirit in the next generation.


Our Values

Pioneering Spirit
Pioneers have a vision of something better beyond their immediate world and ways. They take responsibility for their own lives and futures. Pioneers exercise their independent judgment, often in opposition to conventional wisdom, using their ingenuity to come up with new ideas, inventions, innovations, or enterprises.  

Pioneers are risk-takers who have the courage to travel down untrodden paths and into perilous territory to reach their goals. And as a result of their efforts, pioneers make life better and more fulfilling for themselves, and they make the world a better place for the rest of us.

Accessible and Inclusive
We invite all people to respectfully experience Hart Square’s property and collection. Our focus is to create a variety of programming; always being mindful of those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to visit Hart Square Village. 

The countless families who have donated their family homesteads entrusted this one-of-a-kind treasure to our care. We pledge to be faithful to their legacy every day in all of our planning and actions.

Integrity and Transparency
We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously and are transparent in our communications, interactions, and intentions. We act in good faith and honor our commitments.

Environmental Sustainability
We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint, both here at Hart Square Village, in our region, and our planet.


We are careful and responsible managers of the cabins, collection, and family histories entrusted to our care. Our stewardship extends to all the gifts we have been given, including the donations we receive, our reputation, and the goodwill of our community.

The village does not confine artifacts to glass cases. We do not rope off certain sections. Rather, we invite a visitor into a space that feels like a family or craftsperson got up and walked out moments prior.