The Junior Historian Program at Hart Square allows students in the area to learn hands-on about historical practices. 

This program consists of 20 children interested in developing historic crafts and carrying the torch of endangered trades to the next generation. Hart Square has a wealth of knowledge held by its volunteers and artisans, and we want to help deliver this knowledge to others.

Artisans volunteer monthly to visit Hart Square and lead the junior historians in various lessons and experiences. The Hart Square Junior Historians are mostly homeschooled girls between the ages of 5 and 16. They are passionate about history, and we are honored to have the opportunity to make an effort to instill a pioneering spirit in those eager to wield it.

This club is a chapter of the Tarheel Junior Historian Association founded by the North Carolina Museum of History and we take part in the resources provided by the association. 

Hart Square Junior Historians Club was founded in January of 2022, and so far, our students have learned skills such as pottery, wool spinning, and English Country Dancing. If you are an artist interested in leading a class for the club, please email the club director at