Together, Becky and Bob Hart saved and preserved North Carolina history through the founding of Hart Square Village.  Each historic cabin is portrayed as a testament to early American life.  When you enter, you feel as if a settler, proprietor, or artisan just walked out moments prior to your arrival.  As Bob worked to save and relocate historic structures to Hart Square Village, Becky curated the interior of each cabin.  Becky’s attention to detail in creating a sense of “home” that is authentic and historically correct provides each visitor with the experience of stepping back in time.

Becky played an integral role in Hart Square’s Annual Living History Festival.  For many years, she orchestrated volunteer schedules for docents and artisans, put special fall touches on the historic village like pumpkins and mums, and gracefully smoothed away any wrinkles that arose throughout the day.  In recent years, as the responsibility for preserving and sharing the historic village transitioned to Hart Square Foundation, Becky has enjoyed attending events as a special guest.  In her lifetime, she watched Hart Square grow from being open one time a year to offering year-round programming, fulfilling her desire to celebrate the pioneer way of life and provide a place where traditional crafts and trades can be shared with the public. Some of her favorites include the Annual Living History Festival, the Summer Music Series and the K-12 field trip programming throughout the year.

The Hart Square Foundation team, our volunteers, and our community will be forever grateful to Becky Hart for her passion for history and her contributions to the national treasure, Hart Square Village.