The Village

The Nation’s Largest Collection of Log Cabins

Aerial view of Hart Square village by Reggie Thomas

Hart Square Foundation was established in 2005 with the intention of creating an endowment to preserve Hart Square Village. Hart Square Village began as the personal collection of Dr. Bob and Becky Hart of Hickory, N.C. Their collection of early American antiques and log buildings was amassed over a fifty year period and displayed at their wildlife preserve in Vale, N.C כנס עכשיו.

The Village is now the nation’s largest collection of historic log structures.  In 2017, Dr. Bob and Becky Hart officially donated the village, collection and property to Hart Square Foundation for the intended purpose of its historic preservation. (Property donation parcel ID: 269704941393)

Every cabin is furnished with Appalachian antiques, accurately displaying the various professions and nineteenth century experiences. The cabin’s interiors honor authenticity from every pewter spoon on the dining table to every butter churn or rope bed.

The expansive collection includes one of three functioning pre-civil war cotton gins in the U.S., a print shop, a doctor’s office, a one room schoolhouse, and countless artifacts that will never be found anywhere else, even in the Smithsonian.

Upper Lake with Chapel of Peace - Hart Square

In addition to preserving and maintaining the 100 structures and 20 acres of land, the foundation provides educational programing throughout the year to share this collection with thousands of visitors.

Our annual village festival shares the crafts and trades of pioneer America with 4,000 visitors from over 15 states.  Many of our artisans also engage 3,000 elementary and middle school student visitors who participate in our field trip programming between October and April.

Hunsucker House - Hart Square

North Carolina-native and nationally renowned artist, Bob Timberlake, believes that this collection is the one of the greatest assets to our state. Timberlake says of Hart Square Village, “I’ve visited Colonial Williamsburg, almost grew up in Old Salem, and I’ve seen other restored places all over North America, and nothing compares with Hart Square Village just south of Hickory.”

Our organization has received the gold seal of transparency from Guidestar, the largest international non-profit database. You can find all of our financial information on their website:

Bob and Becky Hart in the 1990s

Special thanks to Dr. Bob and Becky Hart (pictured above) for their unwavering commitment to preserving pioneer America.