Upcoming Events

Heritage Concert ft. Brooks Forsyth
June 8th
Heritage Concert ft. Zoe & Cloyd
June 15th
Drop Spindle Spinning Class
June 17th

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  School Field Trip

Book your trip now at the world's largest log cabin collection for a hands-on history experience. Meet real artists at work like our blacksmith, potter, and apple cider maker. 

  Attend a Class

View our craft class tab at the top of the page to see our upcoming classes.  Past courses have included Wood Carving, Survival Skills, and Leather Working.  Classes generally focus on teaching pioneer skills that face extinction to ensure these skills are passed on to folks who can carry them into the next generation.

  Partner to Preserve

Most of the structures here at Hart Square Village are over 200 years old, and some are the last of their kind. With the passing of Dr. Bob Hart, Hart Square Foundation was entrusted with preserving and maintaining the 103 log structures housed here. We need you to partner with us to keep this history alive and tell these stories for generations to come.


It seems everyone in Catawba County has a Bob Hart story. He delivered hundreds of babies as a primary care physician at Frye and Catawba hospitals and cared for many patients at Hart Family and Hart Industrial Practices. He toured thousands of local students on field trips through his beloved Hart Square Village. And Bob saved a generation of stories through his work in historic preservation.

At heart, Bob was a teacher. He loved to quiz Hart Square visitors on old-timey objects and how they worked. He was never afraid to turn a one hour tour into a full day of historic learning. Nothing gave Bob greater joy than to share the resourcefulness of the Early American pioneers with others, especially children.

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