We cannot preserve history without you.

Hart Square Village is America’s largest log cabin museum. The collection consists of 103 historic structures from the 1700s and 1800s that were moved to the open-air museum for the purpose of their continued preservation. With your support, Hart Square Foundation preserves and restores these historically significant structures. We need your help to maintain the history housed at Hart Square Village.

2024 Priority Historic Restoration and Preservation Projects:

  • The Barger Weaving House, circa 1859, traditional chinking and daubing. Learn more

  • The Hoyle Dogtrot Cabin, circa 1850, traditional chinking and daubing. Learn more

  • Punch-Seitz House, circa 1840, water damage remedy and sill log replacement. Learn more

  • The Taylor Wheelwright Shop, circa 1800:  replacement logs and daubing. Learn more

Thank you for partnering with Hart Square Foundation to preserve history for future generations with a donation today.