We cannot preserve history without you.

Two of our most historically significant structures, Hart Square’s Groundhog Kiln and the Holstein Cotton Gin, are in dire need of preservation and restoration. We need your help to maintain the Catawba Valley pottery tradition and the dying trade of mule-powered cotton ginning.

Groundhog kilns are unique to the Southeastern United States, and there are not many left. Dr. Bob Hart’s vision to construct a groundhog kiln in 1987 which not only maintained the region’s folk pottery tradition it allowed it to flourish.  Firing pottery in groundhog kilns is a tradition over two centuries old - a significant tradition that is preserved through Hart Square.  To maintain this tradition, the Hart Square Groundhog Kiln must be stabilized and rebuilt.

Hart Square’s Cotton Gin, circa 1820, is the oldest functioning cotton gin of its size and the only mule-driven cotton gin exhibited in any museum in North America.  The structure was relocated to Hart Square in 1993 and was reassembled over the course of one year.  Today, its beautiful cedar shake roof needs to be replaced.

Thank you for partnering with Hart Square Foundation to preserve history for future generations with a donation today.