Welcome to
Hart Square Village

The nation's largest log cabin museum

Hart Square Foundation operates to ensure the preservation of our historic structures, traditional crafts, and trades. We host mission-driven events year-round, offer folklife classes, k-12 educational programming, and welcome visitors Monday-Friday through our membership program.

Annual Events

Hart Square Foundation has living history and fundraising events year-round. Our signature event is our Annual Living History Festival on the fourth Saturday of October.

Still, we have many other events, such as our Sweet Hart Pioneer Dinner, May Day Festival, Heritage Summer Music Series, U-Pick Sunflower Farm, and Christmas in the Village. Click here to learn more about what's coming up next.


Enjoy a 10% discount on tickets to all events, folkways classes, and gift shop merchandise. Members gain access to attend quarterly after-hours member-exclusive events and receive a monthly member e-newsletter.

Visit Hart Square Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Children 18 and under free with a member. Adult non-member guest passes can be purchased for $20 on arrival. Leashed pets are welcome.

Historic Preservation

Hart Square Foundation's purpose is to historically preserve the nation's largest log cabin museum. We do this by raising funds and partnering with knowledgeable restorationists.

Annual projects include roof replacement, termite treatment, re-daubing, and stabilization. We include local high school and college students in these projects whenever possible.

Folkways Program

Our classes and workshops offer opportunities to learn about Appalachian folklife, arts, traditions, and culture with folklife artists and practitioners across the region. 

Learning the “old ways” of art forms such as quilting, canning, banjo playing, and bobbin lace helps preserve the traditional way of doing something and informs new material culture traditions. We hope to spark a love for self-reliance and creativity.

K-8 Field Trips

During a field trip, students step back in time.  We focus on providing hands-on experiences that give students a context for pioneer life they can carry back to the classroom and experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Each season has a different historical and artistic focus, including everything from pottery and music to gardening and blacksmithing.

Mission Statement
Hart Square Foundation preserves Hart Square Village and shares the pioneer experience through traditional arts and trades.

Vision Statement
To instill a pioneering spirit in the next generation.

Our Values

Pioneering Spirit
Pioneers have a vision of something better beyond their immediate world and ways. They take responsibility for their own lives and futures. Pioneers exercise their independent judgment, often in opposition to conventional wisdom, using their ingenuity to develop new ideas, inventions, innovations, or enterprises.  

Pioneers are risk-takers who have the courage to travel down untrodden paths and into dangerous territory to reach their goals. And as a result of their efforts, pioneers make life better and more fulfilling for themselves and make the world a better place for the rest of us.

Accessible and Inclusive
We invite all people to experience Hart Square’s property and collection respectfully. Our focus is to create a variety of programming, always being mindful of those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to visit Hart Square Village. 

The countless families who donated their homesteads entrusted this one-of-a-kind treasure to our care. We pledge to be faithful to their legacy every day in all of our planning and actions.

Integrity and Transparency
We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously and are transparent in our communications, interactions, and intentions. We act in good faith and honor our commitments.

Environmental Sustainability
We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint here at Hart Square Village, in our region, and on our planet.


We are careful and responsible managers of the cabins, collection, and family histories entrusted to our care. Our stewardship extends to all the gifts we have been given, including the donations we receive, our reputation, and the goodwill of our community.

The village does not confine artifacts to glass cases. We do not rope off certain sections. Instead, we invite a visitor into a space that feels like a family or craftsperson got up and walked out moments prior.