Folkways Program

Hart Square Foundation’s classes and workshops offer opportunities to learn about folklife, arts, traditions, and culture. This program was established in 2021 as a way to develop and foster ongoing partnerships with folklife artists and practitioners across the region. Hart Square Foundation works to partner with highly specialized artists, storytellers, and instructors.

Learning the “old ways” of art forms such as quilting, canning, banjo playing, and bobbin lace not only helps preserve the traditional way of doing something but also informs new material culture traditions. These courses highlight the creativity in everyday life that fills our existence with meaning.

We invite each participant to experience this art in a nurturing environment. We hope learning in our community will spark a love for preservation, self-reliance, and creativity. 

Easter Basket Making
March 9th
This classic, colorful Easter basket is made from reed, both natural and dyed...
Garden Planning Made Easy Workshop
March 16th
Planning your 2024 garden feel overwhelming? Join horticulturist Judy Sigmon for a day of hands-on learning...
German Feather Tree Making Class
March 16th
In this class, our instructor will teach you how to make a German Feather Tree from start to finish...
Handstitched Leather Journal Class
March 16th
Participants will make and learn the basic method of long stitch binding to make their own leather Field Book/Journal...
Market Basket Making Class
April 20th
This market basket is strong and useful. Great for carrying items from the garden, market or wherever...
Spoon Carving Class
April 20th
Using a few simple hand tools, the students will learn how to make a fully functional and
finished cooking spoon...
Small Basket Making Class
April 27th
This basket, made of reed from the rattan vine, measures 7” by 7” square at the base then turns out round at the top...
Planning Your Herb Garden Workshop
May 18th
Want to start your own herb garden? Join horticulturist Judy Sigmon for a day of hands-on learning, helpful tips, and...
Bobbin Lace Making Class
May 25th
This is your opportunity to learn a beautiful and relaxing craft and keep this ancient art alive...
Ceramic Garden Marker Class
June 8th
Made with stoneware clay, these garden markers will add a decorative touch to your garden...
Spoon Carving Class
June 8th
Using a few simple hand tools, the students will learn how to make a fully functional and
finished cooking spoon...
Handwoven Tape Loom Class
June 15th
In this workshop, you will learn about early American tape looms, see examples of tape, learn to warp a loom and weave a band of tape to keep...
Summer Cordial Class
July 13th
In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the art and history of cordial making...
Big-Little Folk Instrument Class
July 20th
Kids K-4th will enjoy playing these folk instruments, learning about them, and taking home a musical experience ...

Past Classes

 March 2022 - Spoon Carving with Sam Tallman

April 2022 - Survival 101 with Spencer 2 Dogs Bolejack

May 2022 - Salt Making with Jim Bordwine

June 2022 - Leather Working with Rachel Jackson

July 2022 - Gourd Crafting with Judi Fleming

August 2022 - Canning with Jan Stewart

September 2022 - Natural Dyeing with Sue Helmken