This is a beautiful cabin that is surrounded by trees and, unfortunately, does not get much sunlight to help dry it out, causing it to stay damp around the back porch and the sill log on the back porch. Improper water drainage from the roof has caused the rear sill log to stay wet and have water and mud splash up on it as it rains. We need to cut the porch back for access and remove and replace the rot with a log of white oak. We will have to lift the house slightly to get it replaced in the back corner. Doing this will most likely cause the daubing to crack, so this will likely be a building that needs redaubbing. A new gutter system will need to be installed to get water away from the back of the house and redirect it around the house. 

  • Cut back porch and cut and splice sill log on the bottom back corner beside porch 8”x10”x7.’
  • Install a new gutter system to get water away from the house.