The cabin needs the rear sill log replaced; it is heavily damaged by years of water dampness and water splashing off the drip from the roof onto the rear steps of the house. The sill will need to be replaced for the entire length of the structure. The front sill log is rotten around the door and needs to be replaced at least 20’ to repair the rot. All wood replaced will be cut by hand with traditional tools and then coated in pine tar and linseed oil. Foundation walls will need vents placed through the wall to allow the building to get fresh air under it. The cabin will need new daubing since multiple cracks are happening. This is the perfect candidate for a full daubing job since daubing will need to be replaced throughout.

  • -Replace the bottom sill plate on the back of the cabin with a new hewn oak sill 30’ (oak provided on site)
  • -Redaub entire cabin.
  • -Replace and splice the new sill on front of cabin 20’ (oak supplied from site).
  • -Fix door sill and back door frames as needed.
  • -Cut openings in brick for vents to allow the crawlspace to breathe.