July 20th, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
$75 Registration

Have you ever wondered how to replace the woven cane bottom in a chair or
stool? You can learn how to do just that in this class. You will learn the herringbone pattern that
is used on both stools and chairs. We will cane a Carolina Mountain footstool in this class that you will take home with you. No prior experience is required.

Meet Your Instructors

Jim Ross

I am a craft enthusiast who loves keeping history alive. I learned caning techniques from my great-grandmother and enjoy passing along the lessons I learned. I actively participate at Hart Square and other living history events.
In addition to caning, I regularly make presentations regarding Native American history and crafts and have participated in workshops and seminars around the country, including NOAC and CIS.

Harriet Smith

I love history and enjoy participating at Hart Square events. I also work as a volunteer and docent with the Pendleton Historic Foundation. I am a new-comer to caning, having started only a few years ago, learning from Jim Ross after
watching him at Hart Square. Other crafts I currently spend time on include macrame, making cement pots and containers, and jewelry making.