Fall Field Trips

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September 26th-29th and October 3rd-6th

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Visit the world's largest collection of historic log cabins! We hire working artists, storytellers, and farmers to bring history to life through hands-on programming. 

Demonstrations are held outdoors and in the Education Center.

$15 a student
All teachers and administrative staff are free (Excluding homeschool teachers)
Chaperones passes are available for purchase at the bottom of the page.

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Fall Field Trip Activities

Apple Cider Making
Apples were consumed for sustenance; or were made into cider, vinegar, and brandy. They were also made into preserves and apple butter. This class will focus on the growth cycle of apples and their journey to America. Students will get a scientific understanding of cross-pollination and of “grafting,” which is the technique of joining a piece of wood from a tree we wish to propagate to a rootstock. Also, everyone can try some fresh apple cider from Davis and Son Cidery!

Corn Husk Angel Making
This art form originated in Native American culture. Corn husk dolls have to do with the Corn Spirit, which is one of the “three sisters” or “sustainers of life” – corn, beans, and squash. Come listen to the folk story about the Corn Spirit while making your own corn husk doll or angel to take home with you.

Appalachian Music
The music of Appalachia has roots in the convergence of many cultures including Scots-Irish, British, German, West African, and Native American. Traditional instruments traveled across oceans with these cultures to create a unique, American sound. In this demonstration, we will learn about these cultures, instruments, and songwriters. 

Carolina Life Cabin Tour
Get a behind-the-scenes look at Hart Square from the person who knows it best. We will explore several cabin interiors, learn about the tools and inventions of the nineteenth century, and experience daily life for the pioneers. Hart Square’s historic log cabin collection is the largest in the nation. 


Chaperones are encouraged to attend with the students. We ask that you purchase a pass online before attending your field trip. Please wear appropriate walking shoes and be respectful of our demonstrators while allowing our students’ time of learning to be the top priority. Chaperone passes are $20 and can be purchased here.

Why Hart Square Village for our field trip?

Hart Square is the nation's largest collection of historic log cabins. When students visit the Village, they are not just walking through a museum. They get to observe artists and tradespeople at work and gain a deeper appreciation for the Early American pioneers with our hands-on activities. We cap our daily student admission to 200 so your students can have a more intimate and memorable experience.