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December 2nd-5th, 2024
December 10th-13th, 2024
December 16th-19th, 2024

Students engage in four different hands-on heritage classes in the nation's most extensive collection of log cabins.
During a field trip to Hart Square, students will spend 30 minutes at each class listed in the activities section below.  

Authentic experiences are held outdoors and in the Sigmon Family Education Center.
Our field trip day runs from 9:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

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Students - $15
Chaperones - $20 (Limited to 50 per day)
School Staff - Free

Christmas Field Trip Day Activities

Shaping wrought iron is about a three-thousand-year-old profession.  Traditional blacksmiths had to understand the crystal structure of metals and how heat affects them.  From the forge, many of our greatest tools were created that local farmers, carpenters, and craftspeople used on a daily basis.  Children as young as 10 apprenticed with blacksmiths to forge wrought iron, or steel, into a wide array of objects, such as agricultural implements, cooking utensils, tools, chains, chisels, gates, and even weapons.

Quill Pen Letter Writing
This tool has a vast history and was used to record many famous documents. Quill pens were made from various bird feathers, particularly large bird feathers, like swan feathers, geese, and turkey feathers.  This class will use our quill pens to write letters to one another. We will learn about letter structure and content as well as the historical importance of mail. 

Soap Ornament Carving
To create ornaments, pioneers would carve simple designs into wood, beeswax, or as we will use, soap. These carved soap pieces served both practical and decorative functions—used for washing and adding beauty to their homes. The craft exemplified the pioneers’ resourcefulness, turning basic materials into essential items. Just as they crafted their own soap, they also carved ornaments from available resources, symbolizing resilience and creativity during simpler times.

Carolina Life Cabin Tour 
Get a behind-the-scenes look at Hart Square from the person who knows it best. We will explore several cabin interiors, learn about the tools and inventions of the nineteenth century, and experience daily life for the pioneers. Hart Square’s historic log cabin collection is the largest in the nation. 

Why Hart Square Village for our field trip?

Hart Square is the nation's largest collection of historic log cabins. When students visit the Village, they are not just walking through a museum. They interact with artists and tradespeople at work and gain a deeper appreciation for the living traditions that are still an integral part of our North Carolina communities. We specialize in hands-on activities, ensuring that every child has a unique piece they have hand-crafted to take home with them. We cap our daily student admission to 200 so your students can have a more intimate and memorable experience.