Spring 2025 Dates to be Announced

Students engage in four hands-on experiences in the nation's most extensive collection of log cabins.
During a field trip to Hart Square, students will spend 30 minutes at each class listed below.  

Authentic experiences are held outdoors and in the Sigmon Family Education Center. Our field trip day runs from 9:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Students - $15
Chaperones - $20 (Limited to 50 per day)
School Staff - Free

Your Day at Hart Square

Herb Gardening and Seed Starting
The herb garden was planted for cooking herbs and plants that provided purposes of medicine, fragrance, and dye. Plant placement was informed by two rich traditions, including the 17th and 18th-century European gardens and Native American practices. Gardening is a huge part of life today as well. Come connect the past to the present with our talented herbologist. 

Square Dancing Station
Journey into the past and learn square dances, step dances, reels, and other dance forms practiced in Southern Appalachia. These distinctive folk dances are the culmination of the many heritages that settled in this region. Folk dancing today is built on the European, African American, and Native American traditions of our past, but they are very much alive in the present.

Pinch Pot Pottery
Venture centuries back in time and learn about the area’s first peoples (the Catawba people) and their earthenware traditions. Follow the history to the early 19th century, when European settlers began creating alkaline glazed stoneware made from the clay of the Catawba River Valley. Learn the still-active and vibrant artistic tradition while joining it with your hand-crafted pinch pot.

Carolina Life Cabin Tour 
On a behind-the-scenes look at Hart Square Village, we will explore several cabin interiors, learn about the tools and inventions of the nineteenth century, and experience daily life for this area's inhabitants and settlers. Hart Square’s historic log cabin collection is the largest in the nation, and during this station, you will get a sample of what it was like to live in Early America. We will engage in many compare and contrast exercises as we look at life then and now!

Why Hart Square Village for our field trip?

Hart Square is the nation's largest collection of historic log cabins. When students visit the Village, they are not just walking through a museum. They interact with artists and tradespeople at work and gain a deeper appreciation for the living traditions that are still an integral part of our North Carolina communities. We specialize in hands-on activities, ensuring that every child has a unique piece they have hand-crafted to take home with them. We cap our daily student admission to 130 so your students can have a more intimate and memorable experience. 

Refund Policy
In the case of cancellations, refunds will be offered up to 10 business days prior to your booking.  Full refunds will be offered for school closures due to inclement weather or COVID-related outbreaks. Once your final count has been received we cannot offer partial refunds for changes in student numbers.