Field trip instructor and long-time volunteer Judy Sigmon and her husband Bill have drawn up plans for upgrading Becky's garden in the Village to make it useful year-round for our field trip programming and craft school classes. This garden will have raised beds, pathways, and a work table. This spring students will be learning about the history of herb gardening, will plant their own seeds, and make their own herbal teabags in the Herbal Exploration Station. We hope to have the garden completed and partially planted by this time to integrate this with the programming. We also plan to use the garden for our Herb’s for Beginners craft class for adults in the Spring. Fulbright Lumber has been kind enough to donate the lumber needed for this project and now all we have left to do is build it. We are looking for volunteers to come help with the construction, filling, and planting of this garden on March 18th. Judy and Bill will be instructing everyone on what to do and we hope to be able to complete the garden by the end of the day. We will also be sending out some information soon about a garden club we will have year-round to help in maintaining this new garden so be on the lookout for that as well.

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