September 21st, 9 a.m. -  1 p.m.
(Rain or Shine)

The first artificial tree (feather tree) originated in Germany in response to deforestation that was widespread in the mid-1800s. Rather than them harvesting trees, people began crafting trees made of goose feathers to resemble the white pines that grew in that part of Europe. In this class, our instructor will teach you how to make a German Feather Tree from start to finish with the goal of completing your own 12-inch tree to take home with you by the end of the class. These trees can be used for decor year-round and make a great handmade gift as they last for years. We will provide a kit that includes everything needed to craft a tree during the class as well as info on where to order supplies so that you can carry on your craft at home. Join us in this timeless craft!

Nancy Olson

Your instructor for the day will be Nancy Olson. She has been crafting German feather trees in multiple colors and sizes for years as well as mastering several other traditional crafts and trades. Nancy's trees are shipped and sold in shops nationwide and are displayed as beloved decorations in many homes. Nancy is also a volunteer and member at Hart Square and enjoys spending her spare time assisting with field trip programming, events, and walking the trails around the village.